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Paddock 35

Standing atop a small knoll, the only relief on what was otherwise flat contour, inspired the idea to have the house sit above the land, rather than on it. On a spectacular southern Taranaki farm the design focuses on the amazing coastal, mountain and rural views whilst ensuring correct orientation to the sun and shelter from the weather. The form is sleek and swept, a nod to its environment.

k_Cat3_Paddock 35_Image10
3_Paddock 35_Image01

“We have worked with Tony and his team on several projects over several years including the award-winning Paddock 35. Tony shares the same vision, which is to make a difference in the community and people’s lives. His team bring the same passion and expertise to all our projects and has a genuine belief in the power of construction to make a difference.”

Nathan Mumby – Custom Construction
New Plymouth, New Zealand

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