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Our Fees

So how much will these Architectural Design Services cost?

Typically, fees are charged as a hybrid of hourly rate and as a percentage of the approved cost estimate. This provides the client 'Piece of Mind' by having the total fee established' at an early stage. The actual percentage is agreed to at the start of the project so there are no hidden surprises!

Typically, a Full Service of all 4 steps (Discovery, Design, Document, & Create) for a new house is around 9-12% + GST and Partial Service of the first 3 steps (Discovery, Design, & Document) for a new house 7-10% + GST.


The actual percentage will depend on the size and complexity of the project. A complex renovation will be at the higher end of the percentage scale whilst a large but relatively straightforward new house would be at the lower end.

Example: A new house that has a build cost $1,000,000 + GST the Full Service fee @ 10.5% would be $105,000.00 + GST and a Partial Service fee @ 7.5% would be $75,000 + GST. For jobs under $400,000 in value and our other services, these are typically charged for on an hourly rate + expenses.

A full and comprehensive Agreement for Architectural Design Services (AADS) explaining the scope of services provided, terms of trade, fee structure etc is agreed to and signed by both the Client and the Designer before any work proceeds. This provides a foundation of trust and gives assurance and security to all parties.

"The difference between good architecture & bad architecture is the time you spend on it."

- David Chipperfield

"Tony and the team at Imagine are amazing, right from the beginning Tony really listened to me and designed the perfect house for me and my budget.  Tony's architectural design skills, experience and technical knowledge are exceptional. He uses great design and clever thinking on materials to add value and performance throughout his design process.


Before engaging Imagine I started my building journey with one of the standard group design and build firms but they were not able to think outside the box or work with my site effectively. They just wanted to put up a massive retaining wall and build a cookie cutter house.

Imagine showed me another way. Through working with Imagine I have ended up with the most amazing home at significantly less cost than going with the standard group design and build model. Tony and the team communicated openly throughout the process, were always available to answer my questions and there were no surprises.  I am now living in the house of my dreams.  I can't recommend Imagine enough."

Jackie Evans - Tauranga

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