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Smith House

This site demanded a striking and detailed architecture that not only looked spectacular from the outside but also maximised the value of the coastal and harbour views. Particular care was given to the street elevation as it faces out onto a very busy intersection. Privacy louvres to the en-suite evoke a wavy nautical theme whilst the double height space to the entry creates drama.  Kauri, steel & glass stairs are beautifully crafted with frameless glass dividing the flights. Tactile, light & airy space.

“As a builder, I have worked with a lot of designers and find Tony and his team to be one of the best. Not only have I built a lot of Tony's designs for other people, but I have used him to design my own family home and a show home for my company. As a builder, I find the Imagine Architecture plans are extremely good to work from. This saves a lot of my time on site which is a saving I can then pass on to my clients.”

Wade Smith – Frontline Builders Ltd
New Plymouth, New Zealand

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