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Value in design - Imagine Architecture design philosophy series - Part 5

Welcome to the 9 week blog series on the reasons why Imagine Architecture designs the way it does.

The design philosophy of Imagine Architecture

At Imagine Architecture we believe that architecture should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also purposeful and meaningful for the people who use it. Our design philosophy is based on a three-tiered, connected approach that prioritises the client experience at every stage of the process.

At the top of our philosophy is Tier 1: Client-Centric Design, which places people at the heart of everything we do. We strive to understand the unique needs, desires, and preferences of each client, and we use this knowledge to inform every design decision we make.

Tier 2, Purpose & Place, builds upon this foundation by considering the context of the building's location, purpose, and surrounding environment. We believe that architecture should not only be visually striking, but also purposeful and relevant to its intended use and the community it serves.

At Tier 3, we focus on our 7 Core Design Principles: Beauty, Function, Value, Light, Comfort, Efficiency, and Biophilic. These principles serve as our guideposts for every design decision we make, from selecting materials and finishes to designing spaces that promote well-being and connect people to nature.

We believe that this three-tiered approach to architecture is essential for creating spaces that are not only visually stunning, but also meaningful and purposeful for the people who use them.

This week we explore the next of our Tier Three: 7 core design principles:


In the world of architecture, the concept of value is the keystone to achieving excellence. It embodies the delicate balance between cost, quality, and functionality. At Imagine Architecture, this principle is not just a guideline but a fundamental cornerstone in every project undertaken. This commitment to value has set Imagine Architecture apart as a beacon of innovation and sustainability.

Value in architecture is not simply about building something that looks good; it's about creating structures that stand the test of time, both in terms of design and performance. It begins with an understanding that every dollar spent should enhance a project's overall quality and functionality. In the eyes of Imagine Architecture, the goal is to achieve more with less. This ethos underpins our work and ensures that our projects are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ecologically responsible and economically viable.

Quality is the first pillar of value. Imagine Architecture doesn't cut corners when it comes to materials, construction methods, or design aesthetics. This unwavering commitment to quality ensures that our structures endure for generations. Whether it's a sleek, modern skyscraper or a sustainable community housing project, quality remains paramount.

Functionality is equally vital. Each structure they design and build is meticulously planned to maximize efficiency and utility. Imagine Architecture doesn't create buildings for the sake of aesthetics alone; we create spaces that serve the needs of the occupants and the community. This means considering factors like accessibility, energy efficiency, and adaptability to future needs.

Cost, while an important factor, is never the sole driver of our decisions. Instead, it's a component that is carefully weighed against the backdrop of quality and functionality. Imagine Architecture recognizes that focusing solely on cost can lead to compromised quality and functionality, which ultimately diminishes the long-term value of a project.

To achieve the balance between quality, functionality and cost, we closely collaborate with professionals who bring a deep understanding of construction costs, project management, and procure ment to the table. They provide invaluable insights into cost management, helping us make informed decisions without compromising on quality or functionality. This collaborative effort allows us to strike the right balance between cost, quality, and functionality.

Imagine Architecture's commitment to the core principle of value sets us apart in the architectural world. Our projects reflect a thoughtful balance between cost, quality, and functionality, and they serve as beacons of innovation and sustainability.

Our work stands as a testament to the belief that value in architecture is not a compromise but a harmonious integration of cost, quality, and functionality, ensuring that our creations stand the test of time and continue to inspire for generations to come.

Learn more about our design philosophy here at

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